Graphic design fascinated me as an outlet of personal expression, a release and translation of emotions and experience onto a permanent medium, the purity of design and it's use of scale and composition, to work with white space and contrast. I combine fine art, own photography, inspiration and graphic design | Typography is a special passion; and I value it in all forms from classic to non- traditional typefaces | each design project needs a completely unique solution | a good personal interaction that takes place among my co-workers, myself, and clients | I`ve been fortunate to work with an enormous diversity of people, companies, and subjects over the years | What is especially gratifying is the education process that comes with every design project. I believe that design plays an imoprtant role in business communications, it has meaningful impact | The quality of my work is very important for me | According to the fact of an tremendous amount of pressure to produce creative work under deadlines and long lasting hours, it makes sense to make our work space as comfortable and appealing as possible | Maintaining a balance between the office size and the number of projects we take on has a direct bearing on enjoying our work and ability to remain involved in all the details throughout a project. No matter what the client asks for, we are completely focused on getting the end result. We stay very involved throughout every project down to the last detail. So we want clients to be a part of the planning process, because I think it gets us all closer to real solution. Becoming a larger studio would make that involvement impossible.